Nerd Girl Loves Hockey

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I miss Boston Bruins hockey


I miss

  • The goal horn
  • The goal song
  • "woo!"
  • Zdeno Chara’s “I just scored!!” face
  • Patrice Bergeron having the most face off wins
  • Marchand getting a shorty
  • Marchand pissing people off
  • Krejci’s passes!!
  • Lucic being protective
  • Seidenberg’s accent <3
  • RENE!
  • Jack’s muffin allusions
  • "Save by Rask!"
  • Johnny rockets
  • Krug scoring in over time
  • Daniel Paille getting a break away
  • The faces Claude makes on the bench
  • Carl playing like Carl
  • and most importantly,

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The Montreal Canadiens pay their bet to Jimmy Fallon with Youppi in a Rangers jersey. (Photos from @CanadiensMTL)

(Youppi @ Bell Centre, Olympic Stadium, Mont-Royal, La Ronde Six Flags, Old Montreal, Orange Julep, Sainte-Catherine/Peel, Schwartz’s, Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal, & Chez Serge)

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